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Greater Baton Rouge Area Schools Earn $60,000 from Community Cash for Schools program

May 09, 2014

Baton Rouge, LA -  Greater Baton Rouge area schools earn $60,000 from the Community Cash for Schools® program by partnering with local businesses, restaurants and parents to collect Community® coffee UPCs or proof of purchase labels. This year, more than 870 schools across the region collected more than 3 million UPCs.


In the Baton Rouge area, the Community Cash for Schools program will distribute more than $60,000 to area schools with St. Aloysius School being the top earning school at $3,087.90. At an event this morning, Community Coffee Company recognized a dozen of the top earning schools.

Local public and private schools have earned over $4 million from the Community Cash for Schools program, now in its 25th year. Community Coffee Company allows local educators to direct these funds to programs and projects that best serve Louisiana’s youth.


“We’ve found that educators can be quite inventive and we’re proud to be a part of funding playground equipment, textbooks, computers, white boards, and much more,” said Jodi Conachen, Community Coffee Company spokesperson. “The program allows community members to have a delicious cup of Community coffee while helping their local school educate our future.”


In support of the Community Cash for Schools program and in honor for the program’s 25th year, Community Coffee Company held a sweepstakes to increase purchase of triple value UPC codes. Three sweepstakes winners received a Mercedes-Benz C250 sedan which was awarded during the event. This year’s winners are Susan Meaux from Mandeville, Louisiana, Jacalyn Hanly Dugas from Metairie, Louisiana, and Vivian Chicola from Lafayette, Louisiana.

For more information on the program, go to and enroll online or call 1-800-525-5583.


Following is a list of the Baton Rouge Cash for School Recipients that receive their checks at the event.


Baton Rouge Top Cash For School Recipients, 2014



Most Blessed Sacrament


Doyle Elementary School


St. Alphonsus Catholic


Galvez Primary


Central Intermediate School


Oak Grove Primary


St John Primary/St Theresa Middle


St. George School


St Thomas More


Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School


Zachary Elementary Schools


St Aloysius School



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