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Schools Earn Cash through Community Coffee Company Program

Sep 19, 2014

Community Cash for Schools® Kicks Off UPC Drive

Baton Rouge, LA – Community Coffee Company kicks off its 26th annual Community Cash for Schools® program for the 2014-2015 school year. The Community Cash for Schools program helps participating schools earn money by simply collecting UPC labels from Community® brand products.

Since the program’s inception, local public and private schools have earned more than $5 million. Local educators are able to direct these funds to programs and projects that best serve the students’ needs.

“We’ve found that educators can be quite inventive, and we’re proud to be a part of funding playground equipment, textbooks, computers, white boards, and much more,” said Jodi Conachen, Community Coffee Company spokesperson. “The program allows community members to have a delicious cup of Community® coffee while helping their local schools educate our future.”

“It’s vital for the future growth of business and the economic development of Louisiana that educators and children are well supported,” said David Belanger, President and CEO of Community Coffee Company. “We are proud of this program and grateful that the surrounding schools are able to participate with such great success.”

With last year’s Community Cash for Schools program being such a great success, here are a few tips to boost UPC collections for local schools.

  • Ask family members and neighbors to collect UPCs for you and your school.
  • Create a competition between classrooms or clubs.
  • Reward the child from each class or grade who turns in the most UPCs.
  • Have a UPC collection bin and progress chart in every classroom.
  • Visit offices, churches and other businesses near your school and ask if they would adopt your school to donate their Community UPCs.

To sign up, visit and click on the “Enroll Online” link. If you do not have internet access, you can enroll by calling 1-800-525-5583. Remember to save UPCs (bar codes) from all Community® products available at locations, such as grocery stores, hotels, businesses, etc. Download the UPC Tracking Form and bundle the UPCs as instructed. The UPC Tracking Form can be found on the Cash for Schools link at

For more information on the program, go to or call 1-800-525-5583.

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