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Colombia Toledo-Labateca Community Renames School in Honor of the Late H. Norman Saurage III, Third-Generation Owner of Community Coffee Company

May 09, 2016
Baton Rouge, LA - The Hogar Juvenil Campesino Toledito school, managed by the Hogares Juveniles Campesinos Foundation, adopted the name Hogar Juvenil Campesino Toledito – Henry Norman Saurage III, in honor of Community Coffee Company’s commitment to the region. Community Coffee Company has been a historical supporter of the farming communities of Toledo and Labateca, Colombia, specifically while under the leadership of the recently deceased H. Norman Saurage III, third-generation owner.  

“Community Coffee Company has relationships with our farmers going back decades and maintains multiple social support programs with the farming communities where our high-quality 100% Arabica coffee is grown,” said David Belanger, President and CEO of Community Coffee Company. “From building schools and medical facilities to training generations of farmers and their families to upgrading food and safety techniques and equipment, thousands of our farming families directly benefit from our partnership. As steward of our business, Norman was integral in ensuring that future farming communities have the education and resources they need to maintain a thriving community and grow high-quality coffee beans.”

Community Coffee Company has financially supported the educational community of Hogar Juvenil Campesino Toledito by investing in improving their facilities, donating technology, and financing the purchase of coffee equipment. The youth can experience a richer education which contributes to the sustained economic development in the region. 

In this area of Colombia, 100% of the local economy depends on coffee revenue. For every bag of Colombia Toledo-Labateca coffee purchased, Community Coffee Company contributes a percentage of sales directly to social development projects. With that support, the growing communities of Toledo and Labateca have experienced economic development and booming coffee growth. Combined with supporting funds, over $1.5 million dollars has been dedicate to social responsibility projects that improve the quality of life of more than 2,100 coffee-growing families.

Over a decade ago, Community Coffee Company established a long-term agreement with local farmers in fertile growing regions of Toledo and Labateca, Colombia, to purchase their coffee beans at a fair price prior to harvest. The funds are supported through Community Coffee Company’s philanthropic efforts. This relationship allowed the farmers to devote full resources to improving their farming practices and communities to ensure continued high-quality specialty coffee for the future. Community Coffee Company is committed to supporting the local communities where it does business and dedicates approximately 2.5% of its pretax income to socially responsible charitable programs, which is well above the industry average. To learn more about the Community Coffee Company philanthropic efforts, visit

Hogares Juveniles Campesinos Foundation’s mission is to be an axis for improving the quality of life of the rural community through guidance and orientation of the young farmers. This is achieved through personal growth, entrepreneurship, clean rural production, and the use of appropriate technology.

Community Coffee Company works directly with farmers to ensure funding stays where it’s needed – the homes and communities where its high-quality Arabica coffee is grown.

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