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Community Coffee Expands Portfolio with Private Reserve Single-Serve Pods

Feb 11, 2019

Baton Rouge, LA, February 2019 — Community Coffee Company, the largest family-owned and operated coffee brand in the United States, is pleased to announce that the smooth, rich flavor of its Private Reserve® coffee is now available in single-serve cups.

Carefully crafted from 100% specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans, Community® Private Reserve® single-serve pods are available in 10 count packs of four exclusive blends: Colombia Toledo-Labateca, Evangeline Blend™, Heritage Blend, and Founder’s Blend.

“We take pride in our exclusive collection of specialty coffees and are thrilled to offer customers another way to enjoy them,” says Jodi Conachen, senior manager of communications at Community Coffee Company. “Now consumers can enjoy the same Private Reserve blends they know and love with the convenience of single-serve.”

Each Community® Private Reserve® blend represents a story of the company’s rich 100-year history and of special relationships built with farmers worldwide.

  • Private Reserve® Colombia Toledo-Labateca: Chosen for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavor, Colombia Toledo-Labateca is a smooth, semisweet single-origin coffee based on a long-standing relationship with the communities of Toledo and Labateca, Colombia.
  • Private Reserve® Evangeline Blend™:  Deep and full-bodied, the Evangeline Blend™ was created to honor the Acadian culture that supported Community Coffee Company in its early years.
  • Private Reserve® Heritage Blend: Roasted to a rich, dark profile that develops a bold flavor with a mild, fruity aroma, the Heritage Blend embodies the distinctive flavor of the Community Coffee Company’s region and heritage.
  • Private Reserve® Founder’s Blend: Created by fourth generation owner Matt Saurage in honor of his great-grand father and the Company’s founder, Cap Saurage, this coffee blends flavors from four distinct South American and African growing regions to create a deliciously-complex cup.

Community® Private Reserve® single-serve pods are available for purchase in retailers throughout the Southeast United States and online at and Amazon.

About Community Coffee Company
Now in its centennial year, Community Coffee Company houses the largest family-owned and operated retail coffee brand in America. Four generations of the Saurage family have operated the company since its founding in 1919. Community Coffee Company is an importer, roaster and distributor of high-quality premium coffees, using only 100% Arabica coffee beans, and teas. For additional information, visit or find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.


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