Takeya® Pitcher For Cold Brew Or Iced Tea

Takeya Pitcher

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For Cold Brew Coffee:

This 2-quart Takeya® Pitcher is perfect for making Community® Cold Brew Coffee. Drop one pouch (2 filter bags) into the bottom of the pitcher or the pitcher filter. Add 4 cups of cold, filtered water. Gently push down on filter bags to steep into water. Steep coffee in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Use a spoon to gently remove filter bags. Add 3 cups of cold, filtered water to the pitcher, serve over ice and enjoy! Add sweeteners and cream if desired. 

For Iced Tea:

The 2-quart Flash Chill® Pitcher features the patented Flash Chill method, which chills freshly brewed tea in seconds. This method locks in freshness, flavor and nutrients at its peak, delivering the perfect glass of iced tea. To brew, add your favorite tea to the filter, fill the pitcher half way with hot water, insert the filter and brew for the appropriate amount of time. When the tea is ready, remove the filter, top off with ice, close the lid and shake for 30 seconds to get instantly chilled and ready to drink iced tea.

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