The Maxwell Family

Meet the Maxwells, one of the many hardworking ranching families across America.

For Cody and Tracy Maxwell, ranching is more than a way of life - it's a privilege.

Ranching gives their family the opportunity to be heartfelt stewards of the land and animals in their care. It shapes them into hardworking Americans that make up the backbone of our country. And it allows them to continue a family tradition of caring for their local community.

“Growing up in a ranching family instills certain beneficial traits in a person from a young age: responsibility, accountability, appreciation, humility and patience, to name a few,” the Maxwells say. “The time we spend together on the ranch taking care of the daily tasks is something we really enjoy, and it brings our family closer together.”

Their whole family, from the children to the grandparents, is involved in most aspects of running the ranch. It's been in the family for generations, after all.

In the 1880s, Cody's great-great-grandfather Ed settled on 1,000 acres in Lampasas County near Lometa, Texas. Ed farmed large fields with only a one-disc plow and a team of mules, working tirelessly to build a ranch that would be passed down to the present day.

“His success as a farmer and rancher was a testament to the fact that he went to the fields before daylight and wouldn't return until after dark,” Cody says. “... Your livelihood and family survival were dependent on working long days, every day, on the land and with the livestock.”

The ranch looks different now, as does ranching itself. From modern farm equipment and labor needs to new types of topsoil and cattle, almost every element of the job has changed since Ed Maxwell first broke ground all those years ago. Even the idea of being a rancher has evolved into a multi-faceted role that also uses land for hunting, fishing and conservation.

One thing that hasn't changed? The values ranchers need to get the job done.

“In our opinion,” say the Maxwells, “hardworking, humble and open-minded to change makes a successful rancher.”


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