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Cool, smooth and strong, oh my! Cold brew coffee is taking the world by storm.

This summer cold brew coffee has become the trend, and for many reasons.

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is course ground coffee that is soaked in water at room temperature water for 12 or more hours. With this method you get a strong and smooth coffee concentrate with a big caffeine buzz.

What’s the difference between iced coffee and cold brewed coffee?

A lot!

The biggest difference is the strength of the coffee. Because the coffee grounds steep in water for hours, the result is a highly concentrated coffee beverage. This solved the watered down coffee problem we often face with iced coffee. Not only is the coffee strong, but so is the caffeine level. Because cold brew eliminated brewing with hot water, the coffee is able to retain more caffeine than traditional coffee.

Another big thing that makes cold brew coffee different from traditional ice coffee or traditional brewed coffee is its flavor. Since cold brew is just that, brewed cold, you get a different flavor profile. Hot water can bring out the more bitter and acidic flavors of coffee. Cold brew consistently delivers a smooth tasting iced coffee beverage. Based on the region your coffee bean originated from, you may get more sweet, fruity, or floral aromas and flavors.

Coffee flavors based on its region:

Colombia: Sweet and nutty notes
Brazil: Milk chocolate and cherry notes

How to make it at home

Try our Cold Brew Coffee Kit

Most coffee shops charge a pretty penny for a cup of cold brew coffee, but there’s good news. You can easily make your own cold brew coffee from home for a fraction of the price! The easiest way is to use a French press to make your cold brew. This way, you don’t have to worry about straining the coffee grounds out of it because of the filter in the French press. You can find the recipe for making cold brew in a French press here.  

cold brew blog toddyWant to make more than just a cup or two of cold brew at a time? We sure do! Toddy is the brand we can thank for revolutionizing cold brew coffee. The steps you take to brew cold brew coffee is practically the same with Toddy makers, you simply make more at a time. Toddy systems can hold nine cups of water and one pound of coffee. That’s a lot of cold brew! Want to know more about brewing with a Toddy system? Check out this helpful article here.

If stored correctly in a sealed container, you can keep your homemade cold brew for up to two weeks. You can even portion out a cup of cold brew into mason jars and seal them and grab and go. All that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy!