Using feedback from employee engagement surveys, we developed these values as a clear guide for all employees to know what we stand for and how we will achieve success together.

1. Champion People. We welcome individuality and want to contribute to an environment in which everyone is valued and appreciated. We learn together and adapt quickly to new situations. And we encourage each other by motivating others and leading by example.

2. Inspire Creativity. Dream big and bring new, better, or unique ideas to the table. We encourage everyone to always find ways to improve processes, no matter how big or small. And take initiative to make it happen by personally solving problems and implementing solutions.

3. Wow our Customers. Serve with purpose. Focus on your customer’s individual opportunities and challenges. Create and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. And always do what’s right. Be honest and do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

4. Serve our Communities. Be genuine. Show warmth, grace, and care to all who touch the brand. Bring joy by sharing enthusiasm for our brand. And make a difference by contributing positively to our internal and external communities.

5. Win Together. Be brave. Engage confidently and be heard. Have fun by contributing to positive team energy and morale. And celebrate by recognizing team and individual success.

We know it’s not about what we say, it’s what we do. As a company, we’re committed to living out these values every day for our employees, our customers, and our communities.

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