100 Years, 100 Reasons: Masters of Their Craft

Craftsmanship. It’s what takes a product from good to great. From producing coffee to making mugs, Community Coffee Company celebrates craftsmanship across all industries.

Craftsmanship in Coffee
Community Coffee Company’s coffee buyers and experts are true masters of their craft. Not only do they have decades of experience as tasters, but they also have the expertise of four generations behind them. Our coffee experts are not just company, local or regional experts—they’re global specialists with relationships that span the industry and the world.

Our experts test, taste, rate and discuss Community® coffee on every step of its journey. Every week, we sit around the cupping table to grade and discuss choice blends in the last stage of quality assurance. All of our coffee beans go through a rigorous scoring system for body, balance, flavor and aroma. Only then can they be considered specialty-grade and fit to bear the Community® name.

Our lead roaster, certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America's Roasters Guild and seasoned by decades of experience, has mastered the secrets of time and temperature that make our ground and whole bean coffee bold and rich, bright and surprising or smooth and subtle.

Experts in Farming 
Many of the coffee farmers we work with have grown coffee for decades and take great care to provide the best coffee beans possible. In Chiapas, Mexico, the coffee beans are grown, nurtured and harvested by fourth-generation coffee producers at Finca Monte Grande. The Finca Monte Grande Moises family constantly monitors temperature, moisture and shade levels and harvest their coffee berries only by hand.

In the department of Huila, Colombia, a region famous for its high quality and specialty coffees, our farmers use innovative techniques and new technology to remain at the top of their craft. On our recent visit to this region, we watched our farmers utilize innovative equipment such as brix meters to measure the concentration of sugars in the coffee cherries to ensure they are harvested at the peak of ripeness. They are also experimenting with different colored mesh covers on their drying beds to see which ones provide the optimal amount of solar heat for even drying.

Ceramic Artistry
In honor of our centennial anniversary, we recently teamed up with local ceramic artist Jaime Miller to create limited edition Centennial Mugs. Each mug was individually handmade and skillfully crafted by Jaime in her studio, nestled behind a bungalow in the Garden District in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From platters to bowls to vases, Jaime has been crafting pottery for almost a decade. Her work can be found throughout southeast Louisiana in specialty gift stores, taverns, arts markets and festivals.

To continue celebrating our 100 Year Anniversary, we want to hear stories about the masters of craftsmanship in your community. Check out the stories below, and let us know how Community has fueled craftsmanship in your life on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #100Years100Reasons.

“Since I'm juggling two jobs, being a mama and running my business, coffee is an absolute MUST every day, and Community® coffee has not only become a part of my morning routine, but also my nightly routine (and also sometimes afternoon!)”—Lauren V.

“I was flying on Southwest®. Once I found out they were serving Community® coffee, I asked for two cups (yes, two) and sketched a community of my own (a row of houses) in my sketch book.”—Parker S.

“I discovered Community® coffee while in Louisiana. I went in a truck stop to get coffee. Thinking it was just regular coffee, I got a cup and went back to my truck. Boy was I wrong. I tasted it and was like WOW! I sent my wife in for another cup because I drank almost half of it before pulling out to deliver my load. So whenever I was in Louisiana, I made sure to get a cup. Then I started purchasing Community® coffee to make in my truck. I've been stuck since day one!” –Marquis T.

“My first thought when I wake up is always COFFEE… and my go-to is Community® coffee. Caffeine is essential to my morning routine: upon waking up I start heating up my kettle, ground fresh coffee beans, and enjoy the aroma as they soak in my French press. Then I find a cozy corner to sit in, while I start taking on my inbox for the day.”—Rachel H.