Matt Saurage's First Coffee Memory

Do you remember the first time you sipped on a delicious, flavorful cup of coffee or sat down to share a pot of coffee with friends and family? For those who truly have a love for coffee, it becomes an important part of their lives. We spoke with Matt Saurage, fourth-generation owner of Community Coffee Company, to find out how growing up around and drinking coffee has made an impact on his life and helped continue his dedication for his family’s business.

What is your first memory with coffee?

I don't know if it is my first, but the most memorable and clear memory I have is drinking coffee with my grandfather. I'd go to work with my dad during the holidays, and my grandfather would be there. He and I would sit and talk about all kinds of things over a cup of coffee milk.

How has growing up drinking and being around coffee influenced your passion for it and the work you do for Community Coffee Company today?

It may sound cliche - but life's too short for bad coffee. Over my lifetime I've experienced the best of coffee; it drives me forward to bring it to others.

What is your favorite blend and why should Community® coffee lovers try it if they haven’t already?

Each and every morning I brew Signature Blend Dark Roast. I drink my coffee black, and love the aroma and distinctive finish of this classic blend.

Do you still like to drink coffee milk or is there another way you prefer your coffee now?

I drink my coffee black, unless after a meal I am serving Coffee and Chicory. Then I'll add milk and sugar for "cafe au lait" (which is great with dessert). It's an escape to New Orleans, even if just for a moment.

If you could choose anyone, alive or passed, to have coffee with who would it be and why?

Without hesitation, it would be Sir Richard Branson - he's best known for founding Virgin Records and is a daring entrepreneur. He lives life to the fullest, trying to accomplish the unachievable. I'd like to hear his vision of tomorrow.