Before making its way to your morning cup of coffee, some of Community Coffee Company’s finest coffee beans begin their journey in Chiapas, Mexico. There, nestled in the foothills of the El Triunfo Ecological Biosphere Reserve, the coffee beans are grown, nurtured and harvested by fourth-generation coffee producers at Finca Monte Grande. For 12 years, the Finca Monte Grande Moises family and the Saurage family, of Community Coffee Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have worked together to make great coffee.

3-9_MoisesFamily_900x545Finca Monte Grande is situated in an ideal valley for growing flavorful high-elevation coffee beans. The lush tropical mountain ranges that surround Finca Monte Grande protect the coffee plants from Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico breezes and help maintain a steady temperature that encourages rich, flavorful coffee beans. Coffee berries, nurtured to the peak of ripeness on the mountainsides of Finca Monte Grande, must be harvested with care and only by hand. Along with temperature, moisture and fertile soil, shade is a crucial element in great coffee.

“Shade grown coffee is correlated to quality,” says fourth-generation Finca Monte Grande owner Alfredo Moises. “When the cherries are exposed to the sun too long, it stresses the plant and the sugar inside the cherries becomes lower-quality.”

Families are involved at each stage of the process, which helps ensure the highest quality coffee beans, and instills a unique pride that goes into every cup of Community® coffee. Members of the Community Coffee Company team, including fourth-generation owner Matt Saurage, visit farms like Finca Monte Grande around the world searching for high-quality 100% Arabica coffee beans.

“A lot of love and a lot of hands touch this coffee before it arrives in Baton Rouge,” says Matt Saurage.

The Moises family and the Saurage family have both been making great coffee for about 100 years. Each generation carries on the passion for quality and great tasting coffee, and bring it from their family to people who love to drink rich, smooth coffee. From the growers to the harvesters to the roasters, passion, skill and the pride of generations go into each cup of Community® coffee.