Since Community Coffee Company was started in 1919, it’s been family owned and family operated. We still work with many of the same family-run farms we’ve worked with for generations. Many of our employees have a deep family connection to the company and can tell you stories about the days their parents and grandparents came to work at Community Coffee. And generations of coffee drinkers have trusted us to serve them only the best.



The late Norman Saurage III, our third-generation owner, dedicated more than 60 years to Community Coffee Company. Norman grew the company tremendously while staying true to our values and to our commitment to always making better coffee.




In 2012 Norman Saurage stepped down as chairman to let his youngest son, Matt Saurage, carry the family company into the future.


To us, family means treating each other right. That’s why we only use premium coffee beans. We ensure they're roasted and blended just the right way, using recipes perfected for almost 100 years. We personally taste our coffee every day, and enjoy it in our own homes.

We pore over every detail of our coffee at every step, so if it's not rich enough, or smooth enough, or bold enough, it doesn’t get our family name. That devotion to quality is what makes every sip of our coffee so fresh, so flavorful and so good.

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