Generations of Experience

Cultivating Quality

At Community Coffee Company, our experts have virtually every certification in the industry, and decades of experience as tasters. More importantly, they have the expertise of four generations behind them.

Our green coffee experts test, taste, rate and discuss our coffee on every step of its journey. All of our coffee beans go through their rigorous scoring system for body, balance, flavor and aroma. They are only then considered specialty-grade and fit to bear the Community® name.

Quality Graders

Our experts are not just company, local, or regional experts, they are global experts with relationships that span the industry and the world. Community coffee is cupped at least 4 times before it's on its way to you.

Our Roasters

Our Lead Roaster, certified by the SCAA's Roasters Guild and seasoned by decades of experience, has mastered the secrets of time and temperature that make our ground and whole beans bold and rich, bright and surprising, smooth and subtle.

Family Involvement

Our family knows coffee. Every Thursday, we sit around the cupping table to grade and discuss choice blends in the last stage of quality assurance. If any aspect of that coffee does not meet our personal standards, it doesn't get the Community seal of approval.