Attention to Detail

Pursuing the Perfect Cup

Every step in our coffee's journey is taken with an uncompromising commitment to quality and an unparalleled passion for great ground and whole bean coffee. We adhere to the uncompromising standards of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to deliver the best cup to our customers. As good as that sounds, we insist that there be a clear and honest way for us to judge ourselves, and a clear and honest way for our customers to judge us.

We begin with the best coffee beans. For our premium coffee, we use the world's highest quality specialty grade Arabica coffee beans.

And that's just the first stage in an incredible lifecycle that won't be complete until you're brewing and enjoying the perfect cup of coffee.


Everyone in the Community Coffee family, from the farmers around the world to our delivery drivers, is exceptional at what they do. We make sure that they understand the art and science of coffee, and that they understand exactly how they influence the final product.


Great coffee is the product of real people, real masters who immerse themselves in the process from beginning to end. Our ground and whole bean coffee is constantly watched, brewed, smelled and tasted by an expert with four generations of experience making rich, bold and flavorful coffee.


To witness one of our cuppings is almost sacred. Our cupper is able to detect the slightest imperfections in quality, and to pinpoint the most delicate notes and flavors. Our coffee is cupped at origin, at the port of departure, at the port of arrival, before roasting, then once again before earning the Community® name.